Wrongful Termination


In Kentucky, if you are terminated for an unlawful reason, you may be entitled to recover damages. Our firm fights hard for those who have been wrongfully terminated, fired, or retaliated against because of:

  • Race, sex, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, religion, or some other protected classification.
  • Demanding overtime, rest breaks or lunch breaks.
  • Requesting an accommodation or disability discrimination.
  • Taking pregnancy leave.
  • Taking family and / or medical leave (FMLA).
  • Filing a workers' compensation claim.
  • Health care workers' reporting unsafe practices.
  • Whistleblowers/refusing to participate in illegal activity.
  • Not giving in to sexual harassment.
  • Efforts to unionize.
  • Complaining about violations of safety regulations.

Kentucky Wrongful Termination Law

In Kentucky, most employment relationships are "at will." At will employment means that the employer may terminate the employment relationship for any reason, with or without good cause. The exception, as stated above, is when there is some unlawful motivation or retaliatory reason for the termination. Basically, employers can fire good employees for no reason or stupid reasons and even some times morally indefensible reasons without being sued. It is only when the conduct violates the law or a contract between the employer and the employee that a lawsuit may be filed.

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