Truck Accidents


Every 15 minutes, another person in the U.S. will die or be injured in a truck accident. Almost 5,000 people a year die in collisions with large trucks in the United States and over 100,000 are injured each year. Unfortunately, truck accidents in the United States are rising not falling.
Many easily fixable safety factors contribute to accidents involving trucks and tractor-trailers. Too often, trucking companies fail to maintain vehicles in a safe condition. Companies will hire inexperienced drivers and not fully train them before putting them on the road. Further, truckers will often have long hours and tight deadlines, which can lead to fatigue. When drivers are tired, their judgment becomes impaired, attention issues are magnified, and reaction times decreased. The problem of driver fatigue and trucking collisions has been demonstrated in a number of studies including some by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
After a trucking injury, it can be critically important to preserve important evidence. Commercial trucks are generally equipped with "black boxes" that record important data. On commercial trucks, several different electronic systems exist, the most common of which are Qualcomm, ECM, and VORAD. The systems collect data such as vehicle speed, braking, hours of service, safety compliance, warning indicators, and much more. The information on the truck's electronic systems can be invaluable in proving the truck driver or trucking company caused the collision through carelessness.
In addition, far too many commercial drivers use cell phones while operating their heavy trucks. Many cell phone carriers only keep detailed call and text messages records for a short period of time. Finding and preserving the truck driver's cell phone data can be critical in explaining a collision and ultimately holding the trucking company accountable.
We have handled numerous trucking cases and have substantial experience with the electronic data that is gathered and preserved on these large vehicles. In addition to assisting people injuries by commercial truckers, we also represent truckers in safety whistleblower cases. Unfortunately, in the trucking industry, unscrupulous companies direct their truckers to violate the safety rules to speed delivery and increase profits. We have represented many truckers who have stood up to their employers and refused to participate in illegal and unsafe practices. As a result of representing these drivers, we have gained unique insights into the industry that have proven very valuable in representation of individuals injured or killed as a result of trucking industry carelessness.
If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident contact us to discuss your case.
Our fees in truck accident cases are contingent, which means there is no charge to you at any time unless and until your case is successfully concluded.

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