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Most law students dream of playing a role in the constitutional cases that have shaped our society for centuries. Few have the ability to actively practice in the areas of constitutional rights. These cases are complex, often fraught, and difficult to win. Our firm practices constitutional law every day. We have had the privilege of taking on some of the most high profile constitutional issues of our time. We have become the premier constitutional rights firm in Kentucky and Southern Indiana because we believe that no one is above the law, the constitution needs people to prevent government abuses, and everyone deserves the protections afforded by our country's most sacred law.
Our attorneys have litigated civil rights cases involving constitutional issues including cases dealing with:

  • First Amendment: free speech, free press, freedom of religion, and retaliation.
  • Fourth Amendment: searches and seizures, use of force by law enforcement officers.
  • Fifth Amendment: takings claims, testimonial privileges, and (for federal defendants) substantive and procedural due process and equal protection claims.
  • Sixth Amendment: assistance of counsel and access to courts.
  • Eighth Amendment: excessive force, conditions of confinement, and medical care
  • Ninth Amendment: fundamental personal liberties.
  • Tenth Amendment: federalism claims and defenses;
  • Eleventh Amendment: sovereign immunity, and Ex parte Young claims,
  • Fourteenth Amendment: all incorporated Bill of Rights claims, liberty and property interest claims based on procedural and substantive due process, name-clearing hearings, equal protection, and conditions of confinement for arrestees and pretrial detainees.

Clay Daniel & Winner has represented people seeking access to government institutions, abused inmates, victims of police misconduct, whistleblowers, teachers, and others who have been singled out for unjust governmental treatment. No government is too powerful to be held accountable to its citizens. Clay Daniel & Winner is here to enforce that constitutional promise.

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