At Clay Daniel & Winner we litigate all types of business disputes. Whether it is a simple breach of contract action or complex derivative shareholder disputes, our commercial litigators have the experience and skill to successfully represent you and your business. In complex business disputes, we are trusted advisors to our clients through all stages of a dispute, from pre-litigation strategies through trial and appeal. Our business litigators advise clients on all possible alternatives. In some instances, we may recommend seeking an early resolution of the problem. Because we have a long record of taking cases to trial and winning, we can leverage that success in negotiating for our clients.

Commission Disputes

We frequently receive calls from employees and former employees complaining that their employer...

Personal Injury

Whether the result of a doctor's carelessness or a distracted driver, severe or catastrophic injuries...

Family Law

Whether it is the end of a marriage or the struggle for balanced custody of your children