Business Fraud


We represent businesses in cases involving intentional or negligent misrepresentation, including unfair business practices. These claims often involve a promise that was made, but not fulfilled. Frequently, business fraud involves the exploitation or unfair treatment of smaller businesses by larger businesses that simply don't want to compete fairly in the marketplace. Our business fraud attorneys, know Kentucky's business fraud laws and will aggressively and professionally represent your interests when you have been unfairly treated. Some common business fraud cases our firm handles involve the following:

  • Misrepresentation of the business value in a sale: In business purchases and sales, untruths that impact the value of the business can have a significant impact on whether to move forward with the transaction. When statements made cross the line from puffery (i.e., general opinions about the value or quality of a business made by a seller) to specific lies about tangible facts, a claim may lie for misrepresentation and fraud. We pursue business fraud claims for individuals and small businesses that have suffered losses as a result of the seller's misrepresentations (i.e., misstatements or lies). Unfortunately, unscrupulous individuals looking to sell their company will often overvalue the business, conceal debts and undervalued liabilities, conceal potential litigation against the business, "cook the books" to make the business look more profitable, or obtain fraudulent appraisals. Even with diligence, these unfair practices can go undetected until after the sale.
  • Intentional interference (tortious interference): We represent businesses that have lost business opportunities, repeat clientele, and pivotal employees as a result of the interference of another business or individual. These can involve former partners or employees who unlawfully seek to steal their former company's clientele, or unfair competition claims with a competing business.
  • Misappropriation of Trade Secrets: If your company maintains a confidential process, method, program, procedure, or other practice that is not generally known in your industry, you want to protect it. Unfortunately, if your idea or practice is a profitable other businesses, individuals, former partners or employees will often try to use the idea. When this happens, you need an experienced Kentucky trade secrets attorney to evaluate and explain your options and aggressively pursue your rights. When a trade secret is disclosed or stolen, injunctions, alternative dispute resolution, and litigation may be in order. We will work aggressively to protect your trade secrets, minimize the possibility of further disclosure, and recover damage against wrongdoers who have harmed your business. We understand the impact that business fraud can have on your bottom line.

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